This organization could not have grown to what it has become without the help of volunteers.  Below is a list of positions and people who have generously donated their time (though some are paid a modest wage) in helping the Maverick program to grow:

Executive Director: Coach Jared Munson
General Manager (Director): Julie Donegan
Sponsorship/Fundraising Director: Open
MaverickLabs Manager: Coach Jared Munson
MavericksLabs Administrator: Mary Coupland/Julie Donegan
Director of Coaching and Player Development: Coach Bruce Welling
Personal Batting Instructor: Coach Jared Munson
Personal Fielding Instructor: Open
Personal Pitching Instructor: Open
Facilities Procurement: Coach Jared Munson
Maverick Invitational Tournament Administrator: Open
Showcase Administrator: 
Treasurer: Alice Walls
Senior Division Director: Bill Kobs
14U Head Coach: Gavin Dewitt
14U Team Administrator: Dean Lierle
13U Head Coach: Ian Ritchie
13U Team Administrator: Tammy Galbraith
Junior Division Director: Ian Ritchie
12U Head Coach: Jason Black
12U Team Administrator: Julie Donegan
11U Head Coach: Ian Ritchie
11U Team Administrator: Mary Coupland
10U Head Coach: Open
10U Team Administrator: 
9U Head Coach: Open
9U Team Administrator: Open
Rookie Division Director
: Dan Sweeny
8U Head Coach - Red: Open
8U Team Administrator - Red: Open
8U Head Coach - White: Open
8U Team Administrator - White: Open
7U Head Coach - Red: Open
7U Team Adminstrator - Red: Open
7U Head Coach - White: Open
7U Team Administrator - White: Open
Crazy Crabs Director: Open

Bold denotes: Advisory board member position

If you are interested in joining Mavericks Baseball, please contact Mary Coupland at MaryCoupland@Gmail.com
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